Ruaircs Farm is a small certified organic farm producing pork, chicken, eggs and turkeys.

Ruaircs Farm is owned by Catherine and Kieran. It has been in Catherine’s family for generations. Recently Cat and Kieran, along with their two daughters, started producing free range pork, chicken, eggs and turkeys. Ruaircs Farm is certified organic with the Organic Trust. In order to try and better the biodiversity of their 10 acre farm, Catherine and Kieran have planted nearly half of it with native trees, in order to establish a woodland for their Free Range Pigs and chickens to roam around in, and the other half with native fruit trees, so the pigs can forage for any windfall from them. All of the animals are regularly moved around and the land is left to rest before animals are returned to it.

Free-range Farm Ireland
Chemical-free farm Galway
Free-range farm Galway
Free-range pork Galway

Organic pigs

Our pigs live outside all year round. They regularly get moved around onto fresh pasture where they are free to graze and root around in the soil. They are also fed a ration of mixed organic grains. The ‘Oxford Sandy and Blacks’ are a traditional breed, originating in England about 250 years ago. They have a very calm temperament, and naturally forage and graze the land too. They are also well adapted to the West of Ireland, and are able to be reared outdoors comfortably. The Oxford Sandy and Blacks are known for putting on fat a lot slower than other breeds of pig, in turn developing a deeper flavour of pork.

Our pork is available in 10kg boxes containing a mix of sausages, rashers, joints, mince, diced, belly and ribs. Our pork boxes can be delivered locally or couriered nationwide. We currently have a waiting list for our pork boxes so please get in touch if you would like to get your name on the list or have any questions.

Free-range pigs Galway
10kg Pork Box – €200

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Free-range chickens Galway

organic chicken

Over the spring and summer we produce free-range chemical-free chickens. our chickens arrive as tiny one day old fluff balls. They then spend 2 or 3 weeks inside in a heated brooder, scratching in a bed of sawdust and eating organic chick starter feed. they are then moved outside to free-range pastures, where they eat grass and other plants, and scratch for bugs and worms. They are slowly grown to around 12 weeks old. Our chickens are available to pre-order for local delivery or from a pick up point outside Galway city.

Oven-ready chicken –  €20

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organic eggs

We have a flock of 40 laying hens, these chickens live in houses on wheels. We move them onto fresh pasture every couple of days so they get nice fresh greens and spread their wonderful fertilising poop. We deliver our eggs once a week locally around Milltown, Dunmore and Tuam.

6 eggs –  €3

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organic Turkeys

This year we have been raising a small flock of heritage Bronze turkeys. these turkeys were hatched on the farm and spent the first 3 weeks in a heated brooder being taught to eat and drink. They are then moved to a heated outdoor house where they have access to pasture. They are slowly weaned of their heat lamp and given more and more space to roam around.

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Free-range turkeys Galway

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